Client: SEAT
Date: Jan 2019
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Seat UK has created a thought-provoking campaign that does away with traditional motoring car specs, to focus on the humans who drive them.

'Because them, us' liberally calls upon Seat's 'progressive-minded consumers' to defy yesterdays conventions, and look forward.

The ad - which Seat admits says is aimed towards conquesting new audiences - flashes between opposing statements that demonstrate the differences between those who stick to the status quo, and those radicals who challenge it.

Throughout the film, the ad features certain situations that demonstrate conservative attitudes, including fox hunting, art dealerships and hostile, old-school business environments. Each reference is juxtaposed with a more liberal train of thought - to highlight the shared characteristics and values that Seat has with its audience.

As part of its message to change the old ways and move the world forward, Seat references fox hunting - a traditional activity that attracts a lot of scorn from progressive opinion.

As the men ride off in their fox pursuit, printed across the scene the text reads - 'because they look back.' The ad then switches over to a group of young adults walking decisively across a bridge. The words now read 'we move forward' - a sentiment that aligns itself with more liberal thought, and directly opposes traditional fox hunting attitudes.

The ‘Because them, us’ campaign was conceived by Spanish DDB agency C14torce, who started working with the car brand back in 2016, with media planning and buying by PHD. The creative was shot by Jones+Tino.


Agency: C14torce