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We are at war with cancer right now. Sooner or later some of us will be forced to fight it, and we will need ammunition. Saatchi & Saatchi/ Interactive Solutions Poland have launched an integrated social campaign with Alivia – a unique Polish oncological foundation. The campaign shows people suffering from cancer as fighters battling the illness, rather than helpless victims. The war is getting more and more serious and cancer doesn’t play fair: there are half a million oncological patients in Poland, and more than 100 000 new cases each year.

To win this war each patient needs money to fund the treatments and drugs (not refunded by the National Health Foundation – NFZ) needed to combat the illness: a film created for the campaign shows a brave and determined female fighter. She fights a monster - a metaphor for the evil cancer - but runs out of ammunition and needs money to purchase more: an analogy for the financial help needed by Polish cancer sufferers to fund their treatment.

The film, produced by Platige Image, appeals to a younger generation by resembling a computer, and the environment resembles the inside of a real organism. The 60” spot is a heart of an integrated, multichannel campaign for release in cinemas, social platforms and TV.


Creative Director: Michal Desowski, Kamil Majwski

Art Director: Aleksandra Zalewska

Copywriter: Marta Fraczek

Additional Credits: Brand & Communication Planner: Aleksandra Syrek, Marek


Account Management: Malgorzata Lastowiecka, Agnieszka Gorna

Creative Concept: Marta Fraczek, Aleksandra Zalewska

Producer: Magdalena Barszcz, Marta Gierej

Director: Karol Kolodzinski

DOP: Lukasz Zal

Actress: Anna Gorska

Production House: Dobro

Producer: Mateusz Kirstein, Karina Lempkowska

Post Production: Platige Image

Producer: Karolina Mann, Justyna Supernak

Lead CG: Mateusz Tokarz

Sound FX: Juice