Date: Mar 2018
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Saatchi & Saatchi creatives put together an immersive, 3D hand-made insert to promote Toyota’s new Camry.

The technology required assistance from dimensional print marketing firm Structural Graphics, as well as 8 months of research, development, engineering of paper and electronics, bespoke technology and functionality.

50k of these inserts were created, by hand, modeled off of the interior of the Camry. A gatefold was assembled in a layered 3D effect, and included wiring and batteries to make the experience come to life. Subscribers of the women's lifestyle magazine InStyle recieved these inserts in its March issue.

Users put their thumbs on the metallic door sensors in order to open the insert. Once engaged, a leather scent is activated Those tabs measure your heart rate and send the data to a monitor in the audio console that registers the heartbeat with accompanying LCD lights and sounds.