Date: Mar 2016
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Visa has a proud heritage with the Olympic Games, having been the exclusive payment services sponsor and only card accepted at the Games since 1986. With only five months until the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Visa Europe today launched their “Heart of the Olympian” campaign, designed to drive awareness of Visa’s sponsorship and generate excitement ahead of the greatest sporting event on earth.

The film, directed by Juan Cabral, follows an athlete preparing to compete and depicts the journey he goes through in the build up to the ultimate moment; the competition. His everyday life is interspersed with images of a beating heart, drawing parallels between the heart of an athlete and Visa. Visa is the beating heart of payments. Just like your heart, Visa is always ready, always performing, whenever you need it.

Visa will be promoting their sponsorship with the “Heart of the Olympian” campaign, alongside a collection of promotions and activations that take Visa customers to the heart of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad.

A “90 version of the film will be shown in participating cinemas in the UK. Versions will also run across a range of channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, created especially for the campaign.