Date: May 2022
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BT, along with creative agency partner Saatchi & Saatchi, has released a new ad that takes the form of a short horror movie to demonstrate the power of its broadband.

‘Broadband Nightmares’ opens with the internet router blinking an orange light, before showing a family going about their daily connected lives at home – son and dad downloading a film, mum on a Zoom call and daughter on an iPad. All of a sudden the room plunges into darkness, revealing a new nightmare-like version of the family’s reality – the wifi is down.

The iPad displays the dreaded ‘wheel of death’ and the TV screen shows a warped downloading page. The dad shouts out in despair. Fortunately, the moment is punctured by a BT router and EE router appearing next to each other, restoring the family’s status quo as the voiceover states: “Together BT and EE bring you unbreakable wifi. Only BT’s hybrid broadband is backed up by EE the UK’s best mobile network.”