Date: Oct 2021
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With a passion for art, the first established champagne house makes art fairs accessible to all with their interactive gallery exhibition.

For the presentation of their collaboration with artist David Shrigley at Frieze London this week, oldest champagne house, Ruinart, is embracing the post pandemic world with ‘The Unconventional Gallery’, an experience created with global interactive production studio makemepulse, which helps fuse the virtual and the real of the art world and sits alongside the in-person art fair, making art accessible for all.

The collaboration for the collection began in pre-pandemic 2020. However, the cancellation of all in person gatherings including major international art fairs meant the pieces could not be exhibited. Recognising that not everyone can attend the newly opened events, Ruinart commissioned makemepulse to create an interactive experience which expands the reach of the collection and makes it available to a wider audience.