Agency: RPA
Date: Sep 2019
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Sesame Street turns 50 years old this year and Farmers Insurance is joining in the celebration with a very Muppet version of the ‘We Know From Experience’ campaign.

The new campaign kicks off during National Preparedness Month and features several famed Muppet characters talking to Professor Burke – played by Oscar winner JK Simmons – about their insurance needs.

There are three new commercials, created by RPA, for this special series, two of which feature real-life Farmers claims reenacted with Sesame Street’s familiar furry faces.

In a welcome ad, Bert is dressed like the Professor and prepares to say the signature line, “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two,” before he is interrupted by Ernie, who asks if Farmers covers rubber duckies. Then Cookie Monster comes in and asks about broken cookie jars, while Grover flies across the room and asks about accident protection – essentially the usual Muppet chaos.

In ‘Not So Handy Monster’ Grover is seen trying to fix a man’s water heater. In his endearingly bumbling way, he launches the heater like a rocket, which flies across the street and lands on a car. In ‘One’ the Count is seen, well, counting as his riding mower in the background bursts into flames.

Spots will air on broadcast networks such as NBC and CBS during college football, MLB and NFL games, in-theater and will also be supported digitally with presence on Hulu and Buzzfeed, placed by media agency Zenith. Additionally, there is a large social and digital effort to help drive traffic to a unique Sesame Street-themed Farmers landing page where viewers can find videos and behind-the-scenes photos.


Farmers Insurance

Seasame Street Workshop


Director: Seyi Peter-Thomas, Station Film