Amazon: Find a happy medium for parenting and technology by Lightwork

Agency: Lightwork
Client: Amazon
Date: Dec 2018
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A new spot by Lightwork and directing duo Mccoy | Meyer aims to help experts share insights on how to raise kids with a healthy relationship to technology for Mashable Brand X and Amazon.

The spot delves into expert insight on parenting, kids and ‘mindful tech’ in an age of distractions. As the piece unveils how distracting technology can be for kids, it also peers into how to overcome these disturbances and fully embrace the benefits that tech can provide to this new generation of “digital natives.” The piece intercuts interviews with experts, educators and parents with footage of kids learning and interacting with tech features like Amazon Echo’s voice activation.

The spot goes on to provide compelling, visually-appealing insight on how technology can be used to empower children to become innovators and creative thinkers, while still remaining connected to the real world.

The spot premiered on Mashable and is part of Mashable Brand X, a division of Mashable dedicated to creating original and branded content designed to inform, inspire and entertain the digital generation across all platforms.


Client: Mashable X, Amazon

Agency: Lightwork

Production: Lightwork, Rodeo Show Productions

Directors: Mccoy | Meyer

Executive Producers: Jared Amzallag, Raphael Leopold

Creative Director: Yancy Kenna

Agency Producer: Georgia Taylor

Producer: Andy Straight

Cinematography: David Charry

Edit and Color: Casey McPerry

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Added 24 June 2019
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