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Agency: RNIB
Date: Dec 2019
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The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has launched a range of innovative products to shine a spotlight on the ingenious 'life hacks' used by people with sight loss to make everyday tasks easier.

With help from creative agency The&Partnership, the organisation has rebranded a series of everyday objects to reflect the way they are used in ingenious life-hacks shared by people with sight loss.

Drawing on real experiences from its community, the range turns the concept of accessible design on its head – with the users becoming the designers, through need and ingenuity. For instance, an afro comb is being sold as a 'veggie slicer' after insight found that the styling device can help those with visual impairments cut vegetables with precision and without risk of slicing their fingers.

​Other items for sale include a bar of soap, which doubles up as a 'nail protector' when slid under fingernails. A sock, which can be repurposed as a 'small item finder' when attached to the end of a Hoover hose and a hair clip which was identified by blind and partially sighted as a 'shoe organiser'; helping to keep their shoes in pairs.



Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)