Client: Ritas
Date: Nov 2019
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Bringing a new love or partner to meet the family is always an uncomfortable moment, but bringing them to Thanksgiving dinner – a table usually rife with drama – bumps up the awkward three-fold.

Anheuser-Busch’s flavored beverage brand, Ritas, is having real people tell tales of those family-confronting moments in all their inelegant, anxious glory in time for turkey day.

The brand states that it believes people should #NeverApologize for who they are or who they bring to the Thanksgiving table. So, to celebrate the seasonal return of its Cran-Ber-Rita, the brand is offering couples a boost: Ritas will cover the cost of a ticket to fly a person’s significant other home for family dinner. Plus, Ritas will throw in a case of the cranberry-flavored drink.

To get people to participate in its social #NeverApologize sweepstakes, it posted a video of three people who talk about their Thanksgiving drama. One woman explains how she brought her very relaxed new beau to her high-strung New Jersey family. Another woman describes how she brought her significantly older “manfriend” to meet mom, grandma and the rest of the family in what was her first relationship. A man tells of how he had been engaged to a woman but now was introducing his boyfriend to his family, essentially coming out at Thanksgiving dinner.


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