Client: Uber
Date: Dec 2017
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Uber has brought back its data visualisation campaign #YearWithUber as a way of personalising a thank you message to its users.

Started last year, the campaign by R\GA Singapore uses Uber user data to create a personalised story about how they travelled in the past year.

Those wanting to make a video must be based in specific markets in Asia Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam) and have an Uber account and can create it by logging into the website.

This year the data is used to create a ‘one of a kind’ music video for each user, based off location personalisation, as well as a combination of 5,000 story and song combinations. For each country, different cultural visual cues will be used, such as cricket in India and tuk tuks in Thailand. Kay statistics are presented, such as when you most travelled, how many miles you clocked up and how many cities were visited. Presumptions are made, which dictate the video content, such as pointing out that you rode on a particular milestone, like Chinese New Year.



Senior Technology Director - Laurent Thevenet

Senior Software Engineer - Rollen Gomes

Software Engineer - Aaron George

Senior QA Engineer - Donna Gonzales-Mapagu

Senior Technology Director, DevOps - Nauman Hafiz

Software Engineer - Dragon Chiang

NYU Intern, Prototype Studio - Bruce Luo

SUTD Intern, Prototype Studio - Ruth Wong

Creative Director - Cyril Louis

Associate Creative Director - Pimwadee Lai

Associate Creative Director - Mark Law

Visual Designer - Daseul An

Senior Producer - Sebastien Py

Group Account Director - Joe Poynter

Audio - Fuse

Illustration/Animation - Le Cube