Golden State Warriors: It's Our Time by R/GA

Agency: R/GA
Date: Jan 2018
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After years as the NBA’s underdog, The Golden State Warriors are in the middle of a historical run. To ornament their ascent and recent achievements, the Warriors tapped R/GA for ‘It’s Our Time,’ a campaign set to galvanize ‘Dub Nation’ and engage them in voting Warrior players into the 2018 NBA All-Star Game.

The campaign will run on local television, radio, out of home, social media and in-stadium digital and print displays. It will showcase the current success of Warriors basketball, encourage fans, to savor the moment, and urge them to vote.

Fans can also turn to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Weibo, which will activate users at times throughout the day that coincide with players’ numbers and stats. Through clever hacking, fans will be targeted in voting cycles to maximize existing time-based behaviors and encourage new ones. To further spread the Warrior’s message, and their 'Strength In Numbers' R/GA collaborated hand-in-hand with the Warriors’ production and social departments, and engaged members of the community, like Warriors’ hypeman Franco Finn, and local influencers like Instagram artist @pablo.rochat, Oakland rapper Kamaiyah, and streetwear designer Oaklandish.

The campaign theme also extends to a dedicated voting website featuring Player Clock artwork. These illustrations (rendered by renowned artist Hellovon) show the 360-degree skills of record setting All-Stars Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green superimposed as the hands of a clock.

An exciting endeavor for R/GA San Francisco, this integrated social campaign is the first partnership between the office and the Warriors Organization.


Agency: R/GA San Francisco

Adam Reeves – executive creative director

Russ Chao - creative director/writer

Kevin Koller - creative director / art director

Arthur Petrillo – Art Director

Naree Kae - designer

Scott Steele - copywriter

Kelsey Eaton - art director

Executive production director Ellie hardy

Strategist - Anjali Madison

VP client services - Andy McKinney

Visual effects - Felipe mahalem

Music: The ski team

Donny dykowski

josh peck

Post production: No Bad Days

Brady Baltezore

Editor - Ivan Shoemaker

Voice talent:


Franco Finn

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