Agency: Connected Snow Globe by R/GA Austin

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Date: Dec 2017
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How does a connected agency spread cheer? A connected snow globe of course.

R/GA Austin has an awesome tech and systematic team and are always itching to do some sort of side project. It felt like Q4 was a crazy one for teams across all of R/GA so we thought that sending some fun holiday cheer across the network would be a great excuse for our team to do something in lieu of sending the usual gift baskets to the offices.

The idea of creating a connected snow globe came about rather quickly. It's a great format for taking an existing behavior (shaking a snow globe and enjoying its magic) and adding some tech to make it even more meaningful. Every shake of a single globe will now send a little twinkling "hello" to all of our other 17 offices around the globe. When each office turns on their snow globe, it will automatically connect to our global network and be a pipeline of holiday cheer for the season.

We kept the design of the globes on brand, but with just enough holiday flare and homemade nostalgia to make it feel like an old-fashioned holiday decoration. I love mixing "high-tech" with "low-tech" that way. We spent just as much time at the craft store as we did on to make this come to life, and our team had a lot of fun with the process.


Agency: R/GA Austin

VP, Managing Director: Candice Hahn

Sr. Technology Director: Katrina Bekessy

Associate Technical Director: Rodriqo Alvarez

Sr. Software Engineer: Bruno Lazzaro

Design Director: Juan Pedro Gonzalez

Sr. Experience Designer: Taichi Kozaki

Executive Producer: Eric Bee

Associate Designer: Jake Coutino

Junior Copywriter: Kendra Bergman