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ClickUp: Returning to Work

Client: ClickUp
Date: Aug 2021
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Workplace productivity platform ClickUp has debuted a comedic six-part video series about the awkwardness and absurdity we’re all bound to encounter upon our return to the office. After reaching a $1bn valuation in December on the heels of a Series B funding round, the startup software company hopes this brand marketing effort will help establish greater awareness among target audiences as they return to IRL work.

ClickUp, the workplace platform for project management, messaging and more – which bills itself as ‘one app to replace them all’ – has today debuted three new films, in its ongoing ‘Returning to Work’ campaign.

The series, developed and produced by ClickUp’s in-house creative team, shines a spotlight on the many uncomfortable, hilarious and downright disturbing moments bound to befall employees returning to the office after a year and a half of remote work. From an HR-led meeting about appropriate work attire and behavior to the anxiety-inducing decision of whether to hug, high-five, shake hands with or ‘chest-bump’ an old colleague. And then there’s the unwelcome prospect of eating ‘finger foods’ at a company-catered lunch (featuring The Fast and the Furious actor Chad Lindberg as a slightly unhinged but well-meaning executive).


In-house Clickup team

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