Segura Viudas USA: Open Up to Join the Chorus by Republica

Agency: Republica
Date: Dec 2018
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Segura Viudas Cava, Spain’s award-winning sparkling wine brand, is unveiling its new holiday campaign featuring a new version of the holiday classic, Auld Lang Syne, composed and performed by R&B super duo Lion Babe. The collaboration will spread the season’s cheer and goodwill by contributing to Women in Music, a non-profit with thousands of music industry professionals that are dedicated to providing valuable resources to thousands of women at all stages of their music careers.

Segura Viudas chose Auld Lang Syne because of its historic tradition to help ring in the New Year around the world. The song, which means “for old times’ sake”, highlights the importance of taking a moment to raise a glass to all of the things that have shaped us and the hope for what’s to come.

The holiday campaign with a purpose is an extension of Segura Viudas’ 'Open Up' brand theme, which invites people of all walks of life to “open up” to stepping out of their comfort zones and embrace new experiences and adventures. The video captures Segura Viudas’ brand theme by featuring 10 unique artists including musicians, dancers, and performers together with Lion Babe.

Segura Viudas invites fans to “open up and join the chorus” by sharing the power of music for a cause. Good music moves your feet, amazing music moves your soul - that’s why every time a viewer comments on the video of the Segura Viudas, Lion Babe collaboration video on social media, Segura Viudas will make a $25 donation to Women in Music.

Republica Havas, Segura Viudas' agency of record, created and developed the campaign. The agency is known for building enduring relationships with consumers across a spectrum of platforms and cultures.


Agency: Republica Havas

Client: Segura Viudas USA

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