Agency: Rehab
Date: Oct 2020
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With Covid-19 restrictions overshadowing this year’s Halloween and people around the whole UK unsure about what they can do around trick-or-treating, creative technology agency Rehab has developed an AR Gaming Experience concept, Treat Street, that can allow children and families alike to trick-or-treat in their neighbourhoods safely.

Treat Street allows users to discover and collect 3D AR ‘treats’ such as pumpkins and cauldrons through smart devices, whilst trying to avoid ‘tricks’ such as ghouls and zombies. And in keeping with the Halloween tradition, children can then count their Halloween treasures and exchange them for real treats at home.

Treat Street provides inspiration for how technology can offer safe interactions between communities for festivities and could lead the way for future holidays impacted by Covid-19. The idea comes as part of Rehab’s ‘Hack Week’ programme, where the agency sets aside a week to find creative solutions to pertinent societal issues