Agency: Red Fuse
Client: Colgate
Date: Jan 2019
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Colgate is letting actor Luke Wilson get up close – really close – and personal in the toothpaste brand’s Super Bowl effort.

Wilson is a ‘close talker’, much like Judge Reinhold’s character in Seinfeld. In the spot, Wilson gets really close to the camera and to supposed co-workers in an office building, to prove that Colgate Total toothpaste is a good product to have for his type of face-to-face communication, since it deals with everything from teeth sensitivity and strengthening enamel to killing germs in his whole mouth, leading to superior freshness.

“Now there’s no such thing as too close,” says Wilson as he backpedals while talking and walking far too close to the delivery guy.

The campaign tagline is ‘Do More For Your Mouth.’ The Colgate Total spot will air during the third quarter’s second commercial break. It was shot in cinematic reality, with film quality detail so those close-up shots of the actors look really close.


Agency: Red Fuse Communications

Client: Colgate

Director: Bryan Buckley