Date: Apr 2018
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Branding agency Ragged Edge has helped ensure that startup Salary Finance's social purpose shines through every element of the business, with a new brand brought to life across a visual and verbal identity, followed by a website redesign and build.

Salary Finance partnered with Ragged Edge to help define and clarify its brand. The brand strategy inspired a visual identity encapsulated by a disruptive logo. The type is set on an upward curve, representing positive progress and hopefulness. Its playful tone – incorporating a hint of a smile - helps position the brand as warm and human, a direct contrast to the rest of the category.

Complemented by a warm colour palette and uplifting photography suite, the brand is designed to give people an instant sense of what Salary Finance is: bright, positive, and unlike any of the competition. The tone of voice has been created to build trust with customers, without ever speaking to people like they're merely pound signs. As well as developing a comprehensive guide to bring the brand to life across all channels, Ragged Edge continue a brand guardianship role with Salary Finance, designing a new exhibition stand, a more engaging sales presentation for prospective clients, and the redesign and build of


Branding, visual and verbal identity - Ragged Edge