Client: Carbonite
Date: Sep 2019
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We’ve all asked ourselves, “I’m backed up, right?” as we nervously check the damage done to our laptop or computer. Carbonite’s latest campaign by independent Brooklyn-based agency Quirk Creative, highlights the panic of losing your data.

The 'End Points' campaign features a series of frantic mishaps that all lead to the same question: “My data is backed up… right?” From a laptop being dropped just in time for a truck to crush it to a disgruntled employee dramatically quitting and taking the company laptop with him. But all is not lost — as long as you have Carbonite backing up your data.


Agency: Quirk Creative

Director: Gaelan Draper

Producer: Annmarie Stec

Copywriter: Matt Lazarus

Art Director: Wren Sieber

Account Director: Yael Nachajon

Editor: Ariel Utin

Client: Carbonite

Marketing Campaign Director: Luis Fleitas

Marketing Campaign Manager: Allison Cook

Channel Marketing Specialist: Iriana Rodriguez