Agency: Publicis
Date: May 2019
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The limited chance to dive beneath the Land Down Under and explore the Great Barrier Reef has bubbled to the surface as a result of a recent collaboration between Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) and Uber, launched by Publicis Worldwide and Herd MSL, in an effort to create the first-ever rideshare submarine.

Up until 18 June, users in selected Queensland cities or those from participating countries can book a ride or enter the global competition via the Uber app for locations beginning on Heron Island before moving northward toward Quicksilver Cruises’ Agincourt Reef off the coast of Port Douglas. The submarine is meant to transcend the depths of conventional diving, going as far down as 30 meters and offering 180-degree views for two passengers at a time.

As the summer season draws closer, the Reef tends to be at a higher risk due to thermal stress and extreme weather conditions, according to the Australian Government Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. But the partnership aims to show the public the vitality and beauty of the reef in a way that is truly immersive, encouraging more people to visit the region.

This initiative is not exclusive to those in Australia, though – several others tourism giants have decided to enter the integrated marketing campaign and consumer competition, including New Zealand, Canada, the UK, France and the US.


Client: Tourism Events Queensland

Partner: Uber Australia

Agency: Publicis Brisbane - Herd MSL - Big Planet Media - Cutting Edge