Agency: Publicis
Client: Renault
Date: Apr 2017
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In 2016, Publicis Worldwide created the concept of The Dream Cradle in a campaign for Renault. What followed was an overwhelming demand by consumers who lobbied Renault to create a real-life model.



Agencies: Publicis Argentina, Publicis Italy, Publicis Conseil

Renault Latin America

Advertising and Digital Marketing Manager: Juan Marcelo de Carlo.

Advertising and Media Coordinator: Noel Castillo

Digital Marketing and CRM Coordinator: Eugenia Guerra

Marketing Director: Eric Pasquier

Publicis Argentina

Excecutive Creative Director: Fabio Mazía

Creative Director: Ignacio Jardon, Paula Kozub

Regional Account Director: Ivan Pinzón

Agency Producer: Sebastian Taruella

Production Company: Landia

Director: Shannon, Agustin Carbonere

Executive producer: Adrian D´Amario

Producer: Diego Dutil

Music: Papa Music

Renault Italy

Advertising, Digital and CRM Manager: Elisabeth Leriche

Advertising Executive: Enrica Bellomo

Publicis Italy

Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis WW and CEO, Publicis Italy: Bruno Bertelli

Executive Creative Director Publicis Italy: Cristiana Boccassini

Creative Director: Francesco Martini, Alessandro Izzillo

Associate Creative Director & Art Director: Eddy Guimaraes

Associative Creative Director & Copywriter: Emanuele Viora

Client Service Team : Daniela Di Maio, Ilaria Lorenzetti, Benedetta Virga, Giulia Claris Ratti

Strategic Planner: Bela Ziemann

TV Producer: Giulia Atzori


Production Filmmaster Productions

Regia: Davide Gentile

DOP: Luca Costantini e Fabio Casati

Executive Producer: Lorenzo Cefis

Producer: Nicole Lord

Editor: Stuart Greenwald and Alice Baragetti

Sound design: General Jingles

Renault Corporate

VP - Global Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications: Bastien Schupp

Content & Media Director: Carine Gailliez

Brand advertising manager: Giovanni Costa

Project manager: Mathilde Chaise

Publicis Conseil

Worldwide Creative Director Renault and ECD, Publicis Conseil: Marcelo Vergara

Worldwide Account Director Renault and Managing Director, Publicis Conseil: Patrick Lara

Client Service Team: Charlotte Baudry, Adrien Dumont