Client: BP
Date: Aug 2016
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BP and PSONA Films have released the final two films that complete the ‘Energy Within’ campaign; they both support the sentiment that one should be defined by one’s achievements, not disability.

‘Below the Ice’ features Richard Whitehead who was a London 2012 Paralympic Gold Medallist in the T24 200 meters. ‘Deeper than Blue’ features Shanntol Ince who won four Gold medals in the 2013 Youth Para Pan American Games.


Writer: Katy Eyre, Charles Preece, Tom Boden

Additional Credits: Executive Producer: Katy Eyre

Director: Stewart Sugg

Camera: Stuart Luck

Producer: Vicky Steele

Associate Producer: Tom Boden

Editor: David Freemantle

CGI: Wildthings, Australia

Underwater Camera: Mark Silk