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KFC: KFC Palace by PS21

Agency: PS21
Client: KFC
Date: Mar 2020
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In Spain, fried chicken is not part of the culture, and this, for KFC, is not good news. People think of burgers, pizza or Asian food but never fried chicken. So, in a category as competitive as QSR and on a much smaller budget than its competitors, one of KFC's main goals in Spain is to become a part of the culture by connecting, especially, with the younger audience.

To connect with the audience, Twitter would be a place where most of their conversations are generated. So after listening, listening and listening the team discovered that young people, organically, were using the expression "I invite you to KFC".

But they weren't referring to fried chicken, they were giving other meanings to the acronym for inviting themselves to KFC: Know each other, Fuck each other and Cum together or Know my door, Fuck me in my bed Ciao. When you're young, hormones rule.

So, instead of running away, the team decided to meet needs by creating the KFC Palace Suite - a room at one of Spain's most iconic luxury hotels, and it gave those who invited themselves to KFC the opportunity to experience a night of intimacy. Whatever KFC means to them.

The first thing the team did was to co-create the KFC Suite next to the Palace Hotel in Madrid. A suite with all the details in the style of KFC. It decorated the suite with red and white tones, buckets and we hung pictures of the colonel. In addition, it designed all kinds of KFC amenities exclusively for the occasion: bathrobes, cushions, sheets, soap, candles, slippers and, of course, KFC condoms. And to make the experience complete, it also designed a menu with a selection of exclusive offers for two that could be ordered, free of charge, through own room service.

The team then launched a video and several pieces in social networks showing the room we had created explaining the dynamics of participation to get a night in the Suite.

People began to participate and the idea began to expand in the networks and media, getting some of the most influential among the target as @TheGrefg (3.1 MM followers), @PostureEspanol (233 K followers) @Cabronazi (6.5 MM followers) began to invite to KFC those they wanted.

KFC Palace achieved the best ever reach for KFC on social media (5.3 million), the average Twitter interaction rate increased +326%, the average volume of mentions of the brand on Twitter alone was +211% and the hashtag #teinvitoakfc was TT. All this achieved a PR value of 480,000 euros.




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