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Agency: Possible
Date: Oct 2018
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A new campaign Possible did with Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive and visually-impaired Director, James Rath is called 'Independence.'

Independence brings attention to the fact that people with disabilities are just like the rest of us. They are defined by their passions and their abilities, not by their disabilities. They deserve, like everyone else, the right to get up, get dressed with ease, and go out and conquer the world. These digital spots showcase how innovation is the first step to a more inclusive world.

The Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive mission is to make the world a more inclusive place, one fashion innovation at a time. And every step along the way they've stayed true to that mission - in who they chose to create the story, in the way they've told it, and even in the way people with disabilities can now shop for clothes.


Agency: Possible

Client: Tommy Hilfiger