Glad (a Clorox brand): Upside Down Cooking Challenge by Portal A

Agency: Portal A
Date: Jun 2018
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Glad tapped award-winning agency Portal A to develop and produce a video campaign spotlighting the Press’n Seal food storage product.

The creative strategy was straight-forward: demonstrate the benefits of Press’n Seal in an entertaining way, to the right audiences. To do that, Glad worked with Portal A to create a cooking show with a twist – starring comedian and foodie Hannah Hart, the video challenged Hart to make a burrito in an upside down kitchen. With the help of the Glad Press'n Seal to keep all the ingredients from falling out of the bowls, Hart is able to succeed.

In choosing Hannah, Portal A first pored through content and data from dozens of creators, considering their audiences across social media channels, in search of the right scale, demographic mix and most importantly, ability to create. With a robust following, Hannah is also the force behind her own cooking show 'I Hart Food' on The Food Network, a collaboration which evolved from her successful cooking content on her YouTube channel.


Featured Creator, Hannah Hart

Executive Producers, Zach Blume and Nate Houghteling

Creative Director, Kai Hasson

Head of Creative, Erin Schmalfeld

Creative Lead, Sam Jackson

Director, Aaron Umetani

Project Director, Emma White

Project Manager, Grace Emery

Head of Talent, Brittani Kagan

Talent Lead, Ellie Loarca

Head of Production, Elyse Preiss

Lead Producer, Kady Kamakate

Lead Editor, Arturo Morales

Design Lead, Angela Chang

Director of Strategy, Matthew Ward

Senior Strategist, Chin Lu

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