Client: Popeyes
Date: Oct 2019
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Lest you forgot there was #thechickensandwichwar raging between two fast food chains, Popeyes is revving up its rivalry with Chick-fil-A by reintroducing its chicken sandwich.

The poultry-based feud started when chicken chain Popeyes introduced its chicken sandwich in August. Demand was so great that the brand sold out of the sandwich much quicker than expected. The resulting public demand led to a $23m earned media bump for the chain. But, without a sandwich, Chick-fil-A was able to appeal to consumers by actually having a chicken sandwich on its menu.

Popeyes went to great lengths to assure people that the sandwich would come back, even suggesting that people buy a three-piece chicken tender and bring their own bun.

Starting 3 November, Popeyes will have its version back, and it’s again taking on Chick-fil-A by pulling its advantage of being open on Sundays – Chick-fil-A is notably closed that day.

A short video shows a roadside billboard with both restaurants’ logos on it. The Chick-fil-A sign says ‘Closed Sunday’. A man walks up to the sign and slaps an ‘Open Sunday’ sign under the Popeyes logo. A picture of the sandwich is shown with a text over that states: “The Sandwich is back. Sunday, November 3rd” which just happens to fall on National Sandwich Day.