Policygenius: It's a thing now by Policygenius

Date: Dec 2017
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A new out-of-home ad campaign for online insurance marketplace Policygenius is hitting subways, buses, trains and billboards in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

This is the first ever integrated, go-to-market campaign for the NYC-based startup, and includes podcast, digital and TV spots as well as the subway takeovers and other outdoor assets in the four metro markets.

Developed by in-house creative director John Downing, Policygenius’ campaign takes a light-hearted, humorous approach and spotlights why Policygenius is the easiest way to shop for life insurance for people who’d probably rather do just about anything else.


John Downing - Creative Director/Writer - Policygenius

Brendan Gallogly - Art Director / ACD - Policygenius

Phillip Blackowl - Designer - Policygenius

Natalie Colburn - Designer - Policygenius

Jonathan Metrick - Head of Growth Strategy - Policygenius

Justin Ternullo - Chief Design Officer - Policygenius

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