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Posten: In Those Days by POL

Agency: POL
Client: Posten
Date: Nov 2019
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Everyone knows the Christmas Gospel, but isn’t there a part of the story that is untold?

In those days a decree went out by post from Emperor Augustus that everyone in the world should be registered. At least that’s what The Norwegian Postal Service (Posten Norge) wants us to believe. This humorous twist on The Christmas Gospel reveals the mystery about the virgin birth.

In the Norwegian translation of The Christmas Gospel from 1930, it says that the decree from Emperor Augustus was sent by courier. Who was this courier? Could he have played a bigger part in the story?

Well, even though The Norwegian Postal Service didn’t exist 2000 years ago, the post has always been an important part of Christmas, delivering cards to near and far, or gifts to loved ones.



Customer: Posten Norge (The Norwegian Postal Service)

Client contact: Monica Solberg – Marketing Director

Client contact: Hege Barbara Aarhus – Campaign Manager

Agency: POL (Oslo, Norway)

POL (Creative Agency)

Rikke Sofie Jacobsen – Copywriter

Sara Marie Hoedneboe – Art Director

Anette Bellika Finnanger – Art Director

Petter Bryde – Copywriter

Marius Eriksen – Account Director

Kristin E.B. Scheele – Account Manager

Thomas Eklo Skaara – Designer

Company website –

Company twitter account – @polsiden

Company facebook account – @polsiden

Einar Film (Film Production)

Director: Filip Nilsson

Producer: Henriette Loeberg Carlsen

Producer: Krister Svensli

Photo: Niklas Johansson

Set Design: Lina Nordqvist

Editor: Peter Brandt

VFX: Stardust – Otto Thorbjornsen

Music composer: Johannes Ringen

Sound Editor: Shortcut – Petter Fagelund

Online: Shortcut – Christian Vaardal

Direction and Photo SoMe: Nicolas Peyrau

Editor SoMe: Einar Christian Lindstoel

Post Production SoMe: Cyril Boije

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