Date: Feb 2018
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Micky Coyne and Pete Harvey, two independent creatives, partnered with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to announce plans for a Hyperloop link between Cleveland and Chicago with a new brand film that declares the term “Rust Belt” dead.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies first announced a partnership with Cleveland and Chicago to survey development of what would be America’s first Hyperloop track.

Being the first to develop the technology, they’ve capped it off with a stake-in-the-ground brand film. Titled 'Here Lies,' the eulogy evokes the glory days of transportation in the Midwest, then tosses the term Rust Belt aside to make room for the newly-declared 'Hyperloop Belt.'

The spot launches globally this week. For more information, visit


Brand: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Chief Marketing Officer: Robert Miller

Marketing Director: Julia Soriano

Creative Director / Art Director: Micky Coyne

Creative Director / Writer: Pete Harvey

Directors: Micky Coyne, Pete Harvey

Director of Photography: Kimo Easterwood

Producer: Farnaz Fahid

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors

Editor: Christjan Jordan

Assistant Editor: Pieter Viljoen

Editorial Producer: Shada Shariatzadeh

Executive Producer (Rock Paper Scissors): Raná Martin

Producer (Rock Paper Scissors): Dani DuHadway

3D Art: Magnopus

Project Manager: Brett Skaggs

3D Artist: Derek Blume

3D Artist: Frank Capezzuto

CG Artist: Emerick Tackett

Telecine: Apache

Colorist: Shane Reed

Executive Producer (Apache): LaRue Anderson

Producer (Apache): Cailtin Forest

Motion Graphics: Timber

Creative Director: Jonah Hall

Creative Director: Kevin Lau

Producer: Michelle Castillo

Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo

Head of Production: Melody Alexander

Music: David Corwin