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Peta: Stop the Squeal

Client: Peta
Date: Jan 2021
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With all eyes on Washington in the run-up to President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, Peta has plastered the district with ads calling for unity—not just across party lines but also across species lines. New pedicab, bike share, and transit shelter ads urge everyone to recognize, respect, and not eat other sentient beings, who also feel fear and pain and value their lives.

Peta believes that because of speciesism there is a misguided belief that despite their extraordinary talents and abilities, other animals are inferior to humans. The organisations states that confining or killing animals for food has led to swine flu, bird flu, and Covid-19, and slaughterhouses have allowed workers to face a practically unchecked spread of the novel coronavirus.

Peta is calling for a vegan revolution that recognizes that no group should be exploited, threatened, or killed because of perceived trivial differences.