Client: Rakuten
Date: Feb 2019
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Try saying “Rakuten” three times quickly – and correctly. Rakuten, the site that gives people cash back when they shop, has partnered with bi-coastal creative agency Pereira O’Dell to help enhance brand recognition and pronunciation.

In its first work for Rakuten, Pereira O’Dell skips the typical big markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and instead heads to some lesser known, but much more relevant, cities.

Americans have had a hard time pronouncing Japanese-based Rakuten correctly. To confront this breach head-on, the brand went to equally hard-to-pronounce cities, including Waxahachie TX, Kissimmee FL, and the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans, with an interactive voice recognition machine. The gadget sits at the center of each town and teaches people how to pronounce “Rakuten” correctly, offering up a cash prize to those who get it right. A 30-second spot, 'Shoutout Payout,' chronicles the effort and, in some cases, moment of triumph.

This campaign marks Pereira O’Dell’s first project for Rakuten after winning the business back in September. 'Shoutout Payout' will run primarily on TV and online, including an airing during the Grammys.


Agency: Pereira O’Dell

Creative Chairman: PJ Pereira

Chief Creative Officer: Robert Lambrechts

Executive Creative Director: Jason Apaliski

Creative Director: Jean Morrow

Copywriter: Jonathan Carl

Art Director: Rafaela Teixeira

VP of Production: Jeff Ferro

Senior Producer: Owen Bly

Broadcast Producer: Elissa Polls

Director of Project Management: Lindsey Anderson

Director of Business Affairs: Camara Price

Chief Executive Officer: Andrew O’Dell

Managing Director: Henry Arlander

Brand Director: Maura Mattoon

Director of Brand Strategy: Sean Staley

Director of Communications Strategy: Ashley Wells

Senior Communications Strategist: Daniel Hackett