Agency: PB&
Date: Jun 2018
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In a world where hate speech, divisiveness and actions that promote exclusion are taking over social media, Seattle is making a bold statement and putting its stake in the ground as a city of inclusion, the first US city to celebrate LGBTQ Pride all year long.

Kicking off today (June 1) with the start of Pride Month, Visit Seattle will be collaborating with photographers, historical organizations and locals to post a new photo every day on both Instagram (@WeSEALove) and a visual online gallery ( for the next 365 days that celebrates the LGBTQ community and reinforces Seattle as a 'force for good.' #WeSEALove looks to be a call to arms for people who believe in the power of humanity, the dignity of the individual and the respect for all people, and letting them know that Seattle is a uniquely progressive city with a spirit of welcoming for all.


Agency: PB&

Principal: Britt Fero

Head of Content: Pete Anderson

Strategist: Ben Salaman

Designer: Wa Vong

Client: Visit Seattle