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Patagonia: We the Power

Client: Patagonia
Date: Apr 2021
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Patagonia launches We the Power, a new campaign across Europe to encourage citizens to imagine a new energy system that is local, community-owned, renewable and rooted in bringing social and economic benefits to local communities.

For the UK, this means boosting the grassroots networks already quietly and determinedly taking shape, and driving legislative change to ensure communities can financially benefit from producing renewable energy.

Community Energy is a system of energy production in which groups of citizens produce their own renewable power and share the economic benefits among the local community. It enables a move away from big extractive energy monopolies that control the systems of power and money whilst exacerbating the climate crisis.

The goal of Patagonia’s We the Power campaign is to galvanise citizens to switch their electricity provider to one who sources from community-owned renewable energy schemes, to join or invest in a community energy group - thereby supporting local jobs, communities and those in energy poverty - or to start their own.