The Vote Needs U by Partners + Napier

Date: Sep 2018
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With an important midterm US election coming up November 6, Rochester agency Partners + Napier has launched a provocative ad campaign to encourage voting, called The Vote Needs U.

The campaign was designed in response to Pew Research from 2016 that showed 60 million US citizens – or one-in-four eligible voters – were not even registered. It utilizes a central website plus print and social media to issue a call directly to individual members of the electorate to exercise their fundamental, democratic right to vote.

Tied together with a #TheVoteNeedsU hashtag, the work spotlights a variety of hot- button issues that spark passionate debate on both sides of the aisle, including reproductive rights, gun control, legalizing marijuana, border security, the Supreme Court, equal rights and more. In each execution, the letter ‘u’ is missing from the headline to creatively drive home the point that the vote literally needs “you” to take a stand on the issues each individual is most passionate about.

Visitors to will find rotating images of an initial pool of eight controversial issues with a simple line of copy – “Wherever you stand, the vote needs U” – presented in an intentionally nonpartisan way. They will also be able to add issues that mean the most to them to the mix. And to help encourage their friends and family to vote, they will be able to easily share the images and issues they care about across their own social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The website also provides links to help those who still need to register to vote to do so via and to find their local polling place via


Agency: Partners + Napier

Copywriter: Gretchen Bye

Creative Director, Copywriter: Matt Palmer

Group Creative Director: Digital: Andy Rose

Group Creative Director: Dan O’Donnell

Executive Creative Officer: Pete VonDerLinn

UX Designer: Marco Fesyuk

Lead Technologist: Rob Lioy

Creative Technologist: Shane Morris

Associate Director of Development: Lia Abbott

Marketing Technologist: Geoff Harris

Senior Production Supervisor: Jeff Zielinski

Creative Resources Supervisor: Melissa Smith

Digital Experience Project Manager: Meghan Hoose

PR Director: Gregg Dinino

Senior Manager Social Media: Michelle Spinnler

Social Media Specialist: Chelsea Flint

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