Client: BurgerFi
Date: Jan 2018
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Fast-growing burger chain, BurgerFi, is introducing a new campaign that touts ‘Burgers for Every 1.' The Florida-based chain worked with Rochester, NY-based Partners + Napier to develop the quirky campaign.

The concept of ‘Burgers for Every 1’ was inspired by the fact that BurgerFi states that it is committed to serving the top one percent of certified, American Black Angus beef, completely free of hormones, steroids or antibiotics, from the top ranches across the country.

The creative plays on the top one percent mindset, which can be achieved no matter what your occupation or passion. Thus, interesting characters are featured in the ads, like the “Top 1% of Danger Seeking Daredevils Will Do Anything for Burgers Made With the Top 1% of Beef”; and “The Top 1% of Aspiring Amateur Ventriloquists Can’t Stop Talking About Our New Chicken Sandwich.”

Partners + Napier began working with BurgerFi in mid-2017 to formulate a new marketing strategy which led to the creation of the new campaign.


Client: BurgerFi

Agency: Partners + Napier

Pete VonDerLinn: Executive Creative Director

Dan O’ Donnell: Group Creative Director/Art

Scott Allen: Creative Director/Copy

Luke Madden: Account Director

Sara Kelsch: Senior Account Executive

Melissa Smith: Project Manager

Dean Alexander: Photography/Director

Content Central: Post Production

Matt Spaull: Editor

Tom DuBois: Graphics and Effects

Lisa Smith: Producer

Steve Rall: Audio