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Date: Jul 2016
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The International Aids Society (IAS) is the world’s largest association of HIV professionals, with members from 180 countries engaged on all fronts of the global AIDS response.

Recent scientific breakthroughs mean that AIDS-related issues have lost their urgency, with AIDS increasingly perceived as a chronic condition that people live with, rather than die from.

In spite of the progress AIDS continues to ravage many lives. To ensure AIDS-related issues remain at the forefront we proposed two initiatives – firstly, emphasise the human rights impact of the disease as an essential counterpoint to the focus on scientific development and progress. Secondly, to evidence this by sharing the personal stories of the people who live and connect with the disease every day and the challenges they confront, often at great personal cost. We highlighted how the face of the enemy is changing – where once we fought a killer disease, today increasingly the enemy is apathy, prejudice, ignorance and poverty. We sought to give the membership a more powerful voice – both on ground every day and on the public stage. One Voice.

Practically, we created a new identity, communication tool-kit, communication platform and membership and digital strategy to give the IAS the voice and ability to communicate and engage with global stakeholders in the most effective way.


Design Lead: Evelin Toledano

Copywriter: Mike Reed, Reed Words