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Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity, has launched a campaign urging the public to break the silence around baby loss, leading with a poignant animated film exploring the daily life of a bereaved parent.

The 90-second short follows a grieving mother navigating daily life following the loss of her child. Illustrated alongside her husband in black and white, she gets up in the morning, walks to the office and carries on with her work – but is largely ignored by her friends and colleagues who can’t find the words to express their sympathy.

On her lunchbreak she sits alone scrolling through her phone, however struggles with the constant stream of baby photos posted to her social media feed by her friends.

At the end of the film, a supportive colleague simply offers her a tea and says “I’m so sorry”. This small gesture is enough to turn her world from monochrome to colour, symbolising the power of human interaction when it comes to grief.

The overarching campaign is dubbed ‘Finding the Words’ and is rooted in Sands’ latest webpages, which offer advice on how to talk to and support someone whose baby has died. They also feature information for employers who are supporting a bereaved parent of their return to work.