Date: Jul 2016
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Costa opens new brew trial at Shelton Street Covent Garden with branding and design by Our Design Agency and interior design by Edge.

The store which opened its doors on 27 June will be the first time the Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop has offered new brews including three slow drip (v60) single origin coffees, Cold Brew and a range of loose leaf teas. It was a collaborative project; consultancy Edge completed the interiors for the new store, while Our Design Agency has created the branding, including window display, wall art, new menu boards, packaging, and print collateral.

“Let’s Brew This!” is the campaign call to action created by Our Design Agency to encourage the trial of new brews in Costa’s signature fun, unpretentious tone. The agency set out to draw coffee lovers into the new store experience, from an eye-catching V60 display in the window, to the creation of new wall art such as The Brew Lowdown a signature piece of wall art introducing people to the different brew methods on offer in store.


Creative Director: Grant Willis

Additional Credits: Interior Design: Edge