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The Drum

Weezy: Rebrand and OOH by Otherway

Agency: Otherway
Client: Weezy
Date: Apr 2021
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London-based design and advertising studio Otherway have worked on the rebrand and relaunch Weezy, the new online supermarket that delivers groceries in 15 minutes. The new look aims to set Weezy apart from the competition by borrowing from the traditional world of grocery.

The brand is being relaunched across London with an entertaining digital and advertising campaign focused on the new proposition ‘What you want, when you need it’.

The advertising campaigns bring an entertaining, personable tone to the heart of the brand. Placing human insight in the work to give Weezy a real sense of being an independent shop. The campaign will seen across Central London in local outdoor posters.


Client: Weezy

Agency: Otherway