Client: Oreo
Date: Apr 2022
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Oreo is continuing its support of the LGBTQ+ community by positioning itself as a ‘lifelong ally’ and encouraging others to do the same in a touching film by famed indie director Alice Wu.

‘The Note’ is an intimated retelling of a young Chinese-American man and his journey of coming out as gay to all of his family members. It opens with a tense scene as the boy seemingly struggles to speak to his parents about his feelings. As the story progresses, the camera focuses on items throughout their home and it’s slowly revealed that they are rehearsing, as a group, for an impending conversation with his grandmother.

Before the elder family member arrives at the house, the young man’s mom hands him a note detailing her support for her son. Viewers see him grow in confidence, safe in the knowledge that he has his mother’s unconditional love. The short spot ends with the message: ‘Coming out doesn’t just happen once. Be a lifelong ally.’