Client: Optus
Date: Nov 2019
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To launch their new 5G network, Optus has collaborated with creative studio Bear Meets Eagle On Fire and famed Swedish director Andreas Nilsson of Revolver/Will O’Rourke.

There is a lot of confusion about 5G and what it means today, with much of the conversation focused on the intangible future – holograms & autonomous flying taxis. This presented an opportunity for Optus to be the antidote to the inconceivable, instead choosing to explain to Aussies how 5G works.

“People don’t want something they don’t understand,” said Optus Head of Marketing Melissa Hopkins. “This is just the start of an ongoing conversation that we will continue to have with Australia over the coming years, as Optus 5G continues to roll out.”

The simple structure of the executions use character groups of five people that begin with the letter “G” - 5Geniuses, 5Grannies, 5Guitarists and 5Game Characters (coming soon), each explaining a different aspect of the new technology in a playful way.

“Proud of this as our first campaign,” said Micah Walker, BMEOF Co-Founder. “It’s quite the tricky brief, so big thanks to Optus and the small but talented team of folks who’ve helped make it happen.”

Walker, the former Fallon London partner and more recently W+K Portland Creative Director, co-founded BMEOF with former EP of Revolver/Will O’Rourke Josh Mullens, on April 1st 2019.

In that time the creative studio has worked on a wide variety of projects including brand creation, design and advertising. “It’s a great time to be an independent creative studio,” said Mullens


Client: Optus

Creative Studio: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire

Production Company: Revolver/Will O’Rourke

Director: Andreas Nilsson

Managing Director/ EP: Michael Ritchie

Executive Producer: Pip Smart

Producer: Caroline Kruck

DOP: Stefan Duscio

Production Designer: Michael Iacono

Editor: Peter Sciberras

Edit House: ARC EDIT

Editorial EP: Joseph Perkins

Editorial Producer: Olivia Carolan

Visual Effects and Animation: Alt.vfx

Post Supervisor: Jay Hawkins

Post Producer: Tyrone Estephan

Colour: Ben Eagleton

Sound & Music: Rumble Studios

Photographer: Julian Wolkenstein

Production: Photoplay Photography

Executive Producer: Alison Lydiard

Producer: Ross Colebatch

Retouching: Cream Electric Art