Agency: Ogilvy
Client: TikTok
Date: Oct 2019
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With user safety now as its number one priority, TikTok has launched a guidance campaign to teach its young audience safer practices online.

The safety videos demonstrate how users can prevent themselves from harm, using real creators to visually enact situations that appear online.

The campaign covers six areas in six videos that demonstrate how users can use multiple in-app safety features. Characteristically TikTok, the humorous short skits appear in the style of the app.

One film covers how you can filter bad comments, to block out hate speech. The American TikTok creator Donovan Moore is seen pouring a can of 'TikTok' alphabet spaghetti into a pan. He pulls out words like 'lame' and 'dumb' in the bin, and empties the rest of the can, revealing positive words like 'happy' and 'joy' which he stirs. The video then goes on to show the viewer how to block bad words from the comment section.

Another video shows how to be mindful about the information that you include in your profile. The creator 'Joe Doe' is seen with a name tag that includes his phone number, address, blood types, bank account number. A passer-by snaps the name tag, therefore obtaining all Doe's personal information, that should not have been on public display. Another creator exchanges the sticker for one that simply sys 'Joe Doe' before the film flicks to how users can hide the information they share online.

The other videos cover how you can block undesired users, disband harassment, how to report inappropriate content and how you can control who duets with you.

“Safety is our number one priority,” stressed Elizabeth Kanter, director of global public policy at TikTok UK.

“This new campaign, featuring some of our most loved creators from a variety of backgrounds and genres, demonstrates our commitment to originality, as we educate, empower and encourage our global community to stay safe and positive," she added.