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Pornhub: End the Orgasm Gap by Ogilvy

Agency: Ogilvy
Client: Pornhub
Date: Aug 2020
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Often, the most important thing in any relationship is how it ends, not how it begins. And in heterosexual relationships, at least for the female half of them, things don't always end as well as they could, especially in horizontal terms.

In this sense, the research paints a clear picture: 40% of women do not reach orgasm with their partner during sexual relations, which means that a large group of men in the world are not in tune with their partner, and are unable to fulfill what they set out to do at the beginning of their relationship.

Faced with this evidence, BAR Ogilvy decided to provide men a little prod to make them aware of the importance of always finishing what they begin. 'End The Orgasm Gap' was a campaign launched this 8 August, International Female Orgasm Day, with the aim of alerting the male population (and the world in general) of the need to value female pleasure.

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