Date: Apr 2018
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Ogilvy Paris and French perfumer Etat Libre d'Orange have turned an overused idiom - 'out with the old, in with the new,' on its head.

Inspired by the question: "How can we recycle waste that left over from the perfume industry's process of fabricating perfume?", the campaign has seen the creation of the first luxury perfume made from waste.

The first signature scent from the two collaborators is 'I am Trash, Les fleurs du Déchet'.

Emmanuel Ferry, general manager at Ogilvy Paris, branding and advertising, and Etienne De Swardt, founder and chief executive officer at Etat Libre d’Orange said: "Trash is normally not regarded as beautiful but with 'I am Trash, Les fleurs du Déchêt,' beauty is found in waste. Taking the old and reinventing it to be new again. In a different form. A thing of beauty."



Brand : Etat Libre d’Orange

Founder and managing director : Etienne de Swardt

Agency : Ogilvy Paris

Creative directors : Juana O Gorman et Beatrice Lassailly

Copywriter : Jeremy Claud

Artistic director : France De-Saint-Steban

General director : Emmanuel Ferry

Project manager : Terry Fouchy

Production : H&0

Director / Photographer : Inès Dieleman

Producer : Barthélémy De Champsavin

Production director : Maxime Gallet

Stage manager : Jordan Santoul

1er director assistant / photo : Thierry Cron

Head operator : François Catonné

1er assistant OPV : Raphaël Dougé

Electronic operator : Eric Baraillon

Decorator : Alain Roussel

Tamer : Manuel Senra

Floral stylist: Garance du Nord

Post Production house: H&O and Reepost

Post-producer: Emmanuelle Bottelin-Lescoutre

Editor : Quentin Lohr

Color grading : Emiliano Serantoni

Graphic artist : François Puget


Composer: Nicolas Schindler

Music supervision: Too Young Music