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Client: Unilever
Date: Dec 2018
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As part of Hindustan Unilever's ‘Start A Little Good’ initiative, Ogilvy Mumbai has created a powerful film called "The Shower" to show the value that water has in the villages of India. Plucking a shower out of a city and placing it in a water-starved village completely changes the meaning of a shower.

Hindustan Unilever has launched numerous initiatives to improve hygiene and access to sanitation across India. Rainwater harvesting and other water saving initiatives have helped to save billions of liters of water. The brand is also creating thousands of job opportunities in remote villages, especially for women as well as set up a system of waste management and recycling to curb plastic waste from polluting the oceans.

The water that was used in shooting this film, was collected and given to the people of Mangalaram ki Dhani, the village where the film was shot. It is one of the most dry villages of India.


Agency: Ogilvy Mumbai (India)

Client: Hindustan Unilever