Over the Wall Billboard by Ogilvy Mexico

Date: May 2019
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The construction of a wall that stops Mexicans on their way to the United States is the most important debate topic in the region and has begun its most controversial stage this year. The threats of completely closing the land borders and making migratory controls even more difficult have only served to promote segregation and discrimination.

In this context, Aeroméxico, the airline that links Mexicans with the rest of the world and that has taken them across borders for more than 85 years, found how to give them hope and demonstrate a very simple fact: there are no borders in the sky and there are no walls so big or tall that they can not cross.

That's why Aeromexico used huge walls in Mexico and placed billboards with their planes crossing over them. Thus, through a simple outdoor measured in meters, they created a campaign that can now be measured in kilometers. A message that talks about the way to cross any border, but even more important, about the unstoppable force of the Mexicans.

"Talking about a problem as complex as Trump's famous wall, we found an idea so simple but at the same time so powerful to demonstrate that Aeromexico can fly over any type of border, and all this using the same medium to tell it." Chany D’Amelio, vice-president, creative services.


Veronica Hernandez – Chief Executive Officer

Cesar Agost Carreño – Chief Creative Officer

Jessica Apellaniz – VP Creative Services

Luciano D´Amelio – VP Creative Services

Olga Cardoso – Account Director

Federico Alonso – Creative Director

Rosa Elena Arizmendi – Producer

Andrés Castañeda – Marketing and Clients Services Experience Director

Emmanuel Romero – Marketing Manager

Title: The Over the Wall Billboard

Client: Aeroméxico

Office: Ogilvy Mexico

Smartwater: Smartbeats

Added 13 September 2019
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