Date: Mar 2016
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Stimorol chewing gum is the icon of confidence. When you put the piece of chewing gum into your mouth, you feel so refreshed that you speak your mind, and make a point with such overwhelming conviction that you can bet something incredible, strange, funny or cool is going to happen. It's always too good to be true, too awesome or too bizarre to be believed.

Ogilvy illustrates this in an entertaining and lighthearted spot called “Stand Up", featured in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Switzerland.


Creative Director: Florian Bodet

Art Director: Bruna Gonzales

Copywriter: Andrew Mellen

Additional Credits: Business Director: Ben Messiaen

Account Management: Eloise Haye, Nicolas Boivin

Strategic Director: Hadi Zabad

TV Producer: Olivier Mordacq

Production: Blue

Director: Chris Woods

Producer: Kasia Choppin

Post Production: Chez Louis