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Client: Persil
Date: Apr 2016
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Ogilvy, in collaboration with Oscar-winning studio Aardman, has redefined the product demo for Unilever’s laundry brand Persil. Children and adults alike were treated to a first-of-its-kind animation entitled 'Monster Stains', when it launched in cinemas and online this week.

To demonstrate Persil’s stain removal power, Ogilvy came up with the innovative idea of creating a stop-frame animation using school shirts as the canvas and tough stains as the paint. Aardman was chosen as the ideal partner for its best-in-class animation techniques. They created a unique colour palette using 28 common household stains, including everything from gravy and jam to grass and chocolate ice cream.

It took a team of ten artists and nearly three months to complete the 60 seconds of animation featured within the film. The meticulous method included painting a single frame of animation on a shirt, photographing it, washing the shirt clean with Persil, drying it, ironing it, and preparing it for the next frame of animation to be painted on. This process was repeated 2,576 times in total, after which, all the photos were stitched together to create the animation.

The two-and-a-half-minute launch film introduces a couple of animated monsters who end up learning to overcome their fears and getting dirty in the process - illustrating Persil’s philosophy that ‘Dirt Is Good’. The two characters then re-appear in a series of five shorter content pieces that will be used across social media and eCommerce.


Executive Creative Director: Andre Laurentino

Creative Director: Johnny Watters, Angus George, Merlin Crossigham

Additional Credits: Account Director: Kush Thakrar

Head of Production: Mike Kerry

Head of Design: Dave Towers

Head of Entertainment: Cody Hogarth

Senior Producer: Stephanie Owen

Brand Equality Director: James Hayhurst

Senior Brand Manager: Sarah Laker

Assistant Brand Manager: Nick Frentz

Director: David Barr

Head of Commercial: Jack Goodwin