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The Drum

Greenpeace: Save The Arctic by Ogilvy & Maher Singapore

Client: Greenpeace
Date: May 2017
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Ogilvy & Maher together with Greenpeace Australia created an interactive installation in Sydney to raise awareness and drum up public support to fight climate change.

The installation shows a polar bear perched on top of a slowly melting iceberg with a message inviting viewers to commit to supporting the fight against climate change via a donation or signing a petition as part of Greenpeace’s Save The Arctic imitative.

The drips of the iceberg will slowly erode the polar bear’s home until a viewer interacts with the display. The drips then would slow down and freeze in mid-air before flowing against gravity back into the iceberg, with the effect getting stronger as more people get involved.


Chief Creative Officer: Eugene Cheong

Executive Creative Director: Melvyn Lim

Creative Director: Xander Lee

Senior Copywriter: Augustus Sung