Emergency: Everyone has a dream by Ogilvy Italy

Client: Emergency
Date: Feb 2019
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After last year’s success with ‘Jalal,’ the story of an illegal immigrant selling roses on the streets, Emergency, a humanitarian organisation founded to help civilian victims of war and poverty, is back with the best wishes for the new year.

For 2019, the spotlight is on ‘Miriam’s’ story, a girl like many others, with dreams like everyone else. We see a quick shot of her typing, then packing and getting on a plane as a voice over states that she is moving to a faraway place to start from scratch. We follow her as she looks forward to a future with opportunities, friends, family and love – an aspiration to normality. Pan back to reality, with the voice over stating “this…is not my story,” and we see Miriam standing, dirty and alone in a foggy refugee camp, with a graphic that states, “We are all humans, but we are not the same.” It finishes hoping for a “better 2019 for everyone.”

With this ‘Everyone has a dream’ video, done with Ogilvy Milan, Emergency wants everyone to think about the inequalities in our societies, hitting people according on their place of birth, color of skin or religion.


Agency: Ogilvy Italy

Chief Creative Officer: Paolo Iabichino, Giuseppe Mastromatteo

Creative Director: Lavinia Francia, Marco Geranzani, Giordano Curreri

Senior Art Director: Andrea Sghedoni

TV Producer: Francesca D’Agostino, Renata Brucato

Ph: The Family

Director: Igor Borghi

DoP: Manfredo Archinto

Executive Producer: Lorenzo Ulivieri

Producer: Lilli Auteri, Annalisa Bronzi

Post producer: Simone Barbella

Production Designer: Sabrina Tempesta

Stylist: Veronica Artiano

Editor: Lorenzo Colugnati

Colorist: Giorgia Meacci

Music: Enzo Casucci

Sound effects: Giuseppe Catalano

Sound studio: Vetriolo

Post production video: Youare